Melisa + Emily = friends 4 ever

So I had a family reunion at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp this summer and it was a perfect week-end for my favorite ever college roommate to come and visit!!!!
Fun times and lasting friendships!
So when is our next East Hall reunion folks?!


A Daughter of East Hall is Born!



Still growing...

Here is an update for any of you who read this...
Life is good. The baby is growing and getting stronger. She has quite the kick. It's entertaining to watch my belly shake and contort as she moves. I think I'm moving out of the "I'm cute and pregnant" stage and into the "I'm getting big and uncomfortable" stage. When I get ready to go to the gym, Brett is kind enough to tie my shoes. No laughing...you will all see when you, your spouses, or close friends are pregnant. Bending over is just not fun. When the preschoolers have to clean up in the classrooms, I used to help them. Now I just gradually scoot the toy their way with my foot and say, "You forgot this one." :)

The first photo is from 15 wks. I remember when Brett took it I thought I looked so big. The next picture is from 30 wks. Ha! I still have around 2 months to grow, so we'll see.

Brett found out that he matched with his number one choice for residency which means we will be moving to Dayton early this June. We'll let you know our new address when all that is figured out.


Getting closer...

Taken around New Years (~22 weeks)
She's kicking
Angela is still feeling good
Brett is practicing pushing the stroller around the apartment


Baby names..

Here are a few of my top picks....hope they don't disappoint and live up to the responsibility of naming the first 100% East Hall Baby..... Good Luck parents-to-be.



So, what's her name?


The Official Baby Prenomination Thread

In full accordance with my newly appointed task as the Official Newcomer-Buller Baby Namer (itself a surprising reward for the arduous task of pulling three near-all-nighters in the span of four miserable days), I would like to use this post to open up the process of discerning a suitable moniker in true democratic fashion to the collective Minds of the wider East Hall community. As such, it is our opportunity, nay, our responsibility to use the comments following this post as the forum to suggest the perfect name for the as-of-yet unborn child.

I propose the following course of action: subsequent to this initial period of brainstorming, the most brilliant suggestions will be narrowed down to a small pool of four to six undoubtedly fantastic options. At this time a proper and rigorous internet-based survey will be provided to allow each an opportunity to cast his or her votes. The top two choices will at this point be presented to the not-quite-yet-parents, who, after showering us with a multitude of thanks for be spared of this most difficult (and almost certainly marriage-threatening) process, will then choose the binding winner. In a potentially fascinating twist borrowed from the best of reality television, each of them will be given a single veto; if no suitable names have been determined, we will start from scratch and do it all again, albeit in abbreviated fashion if the deadline draws near. Obviously, this is no decision with which an unhappy outcome is acceptable.

Now, seeing as we at this time have no definitive information as to the sex of the aforementioned babe, we thus have what seems almost limitless freedom in our options. However, there are clear limits to good taste; "Bambi", for one, is such a name that, however lovely, will be forever linked uncomfortable sadness of a parent's untimely demise at the hands of an evil hunter. "Adolf" would also seem to cross some sort of unspoken line, setting the child up for a lifetime of ridicule and scorn. Additionally, any sort of name involving non-alphabetical characters such as "1337 hakz0r!", while quite trendy, is also unacceptable. Beyond these three, however, pretty much anything goes.

I have accepted this responsibility with great humility and seriousness, as I am sure every single one of the rest of you would. When one feels pain, we all feel pain; when one joy, all joy; and when one is in need, we extend the bold hand of active friendship. We must not let any parents-to-be down, my dear friends, least of all our own. Take heed, get your creative juices flowing, and answer this challenge!!!

(N.b. Angela and Brett - I must hasten to add that reading this post in full constitutes a total awareness of and acceptance of all terms and conditions stated above, and any attempt to evade these contractual obligations will only result tears, sadness, and lawyerly involvement. This was your idea, after all.)